The Nurses Story

Here is a book that will shatter forever your casual assumptions about medicine, doctors, and especially about nurses.

Rusty's Story

Epilepsy… Rusty’s Story is a story of genuine courage and dignity. Misdiagnosed… A story about what human beings could be at their best in spite of incredible pain and suffering.

Then an Angel Came

SIDS – It happened in a single moment. Their lives were changed. Their souls shaken. And then, when they were most vulnerable, their hearts opened to the miraculous…

There's an Angel in my Computer

The witty and humorous exchange between author and angel makes for a warm and touching reading experience.

The Yardsale of Life: 8 Coats of Meaning

Join Carol and Rashana’s in the Fashion Pavilion, where Gino tries on the Eight Coats of Meaning. Each coat provides the opportunity to find the real value of spirituality and a journey toward a better understanding of life’s purpose.

Where Dreams Come True

An intriguing story of parallel lives and infinite possibilities, Where Dreams Come True reminds you that we are always involved in relationships that transcend space and time.

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